Monday, September 2, 2013

Why this blog?

I suppose I should explain a little more about this blog. One of my Facebook friends posted about going to the Solvang Museum and that go me thinking about all the cool museums out there that people may not know about.

I'm going to specialize on museums that are motorcycle-centric, so this will leave out great museums like LeMay which has some bikes but is really about the cars. This will also not be about specific events. I'll give museums like Barber (in an upcoming post) a pass for having a couple Lotus cars, only because they are Lotus and it's a unique collection. Oh, and because Barber is the most spectacular motorcycle museum in the world.

If you have a suggestion please include it in the comments. I'd like to hear about your trip to the museum and if you have a link to their site. There are many, many museums that I have never heard of and I'm hoping to find them and share with the rest of you.

I've posted a few museums so far. I'll be steadily adding more. Be sure to check back frequently as I have a few more queued up.


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