Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Solvang Motorcycle Museum

In 2010 we took a family vacation driving from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California. We stopped in Solvang specifically to see this museum. Well, for me to go to the museum. The museum only has regular hours on the weekends so I made sure to call ahead to make an appointment for our mid-week visit. I selected a time and they said someone would be there to meet me. Sure enough at the appointed time I arrived and there were also several other visitors waiting. I'm not sure if they were wandering by or also made an appointment. I moved through the museum taking video and soaking in all the wonderful bikes. Most of them were former race bikes. The owner of the collection apparently bought up many of the race bikes after they had retired from racing and there wasn't a great market for no longer competitive racing bikes.

It was an impressive collection of bikes. There were some very rare machines. All of the bikes were in running condition save one or two. I would highly recommend stopping here anytime you are in the area.

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